Online Course Orientation

The first step is to navigate to the GeorgiaView login page. Start by going to the GSW homepage, which is Scrolling all the way to the bottom will reveal a GeorgiaView link. Another way to find GeorgiaView is to use the A-Z menu to find the GeorgiaView link under "G".

Finding GeorgiaView home page

You can also use these links to access GeorgiaView directly:

The left side of GSW's GeorgiaView home page has a link for logging into GeorgiaView (see the green box below). The links on the left side of the GeorgiaView home page have information about setting up your computer for using GeorgiaView. This information is also helpful if you need technical support. Be sure to make any software changes that are recommended for using the GeorgiaView system before you log into the system.

The links on the right side are for logging into GoView, the system that is used for eCore and eMajor classes. GoView is not used for most GSW courses.

GeorgiaView home page

Once your software is configured, use the "GeorgiaView Login" link to reach the login page. The GeorgiaView login page should look like this following screenshot. The username and password must be entered on the right side of this page (see the blue arrows).

GeorgiaView login page

Your GeorgiaView username is your student "radar" e-mail address (example: It is important to use your entire email address. The right side part of your email address should be, not or

Your password is the same as your CanesNet password. This is the same password that you use for other campus services, such as email.

Common problems include forgotten passwords and software configuration issues. If your password doesn't work, try using the "Forgot Password" link on the GeorgiaView login page. Passwords can be changed by using the CanesNet password reset service. Your professors cannot help you with lost passwords. They have no abilities to reset or retrieve passwords in this computer system. Another helpful link on the GeorgiaView login page is the link for a "system check" (located just above the login fields). This can test your computer to make sure that your software is correctly configured for using GeorgiaView.

Once you've logged in, the courses are listed in the center of the GeorgiaView homepage. Each course should have an icon and a link that will start the course. This link may be missing if you log in before the course start date.

The links to your courses are also available in a drop-down menu in the upper right part of the GeorgiaView homepage (see the green arrow below). The list will display the last courses that you've visited. New courses may not be listed on the homepage because you have not visited them yet. If your course is missing from the homepage, you can find it by searching for it in the search box. Another strategy is to leave the search box blank, then click on the search button. This will bring up a list of every possible course, including ones that you have not logged into yet.

GeorgiaView Homepage

If you're new to GeorgiaView, you should take some time to learn more about it from the getting started and the student orientation pages.

The following resources may be helpful if you have technical problems: