Gary Fisk, Ph.D.

About me

I am a Professor of Psychology at Georgia Southwestern State University. My research interests are teaching with PowerPoint and how perception relates to consciousness. For hobbies, I enjoy homebrewing and gardening. Feel free to contact me.

Slides for Students

Slides for Students is a book about teaching with PowerPoint. The aim is to go beyond pretty slides in order to achieve engaging presentations that really promote student learning. is a Microsoft Sway presentation (an online powerpoint) that gives an overview of the book.

This PowerPoint template file makes it easy to format assertion-evidence style slides.

Slides for Students can be purchased at, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million!, and

Key ideas from the book in a poster presentation format.

Professional resources


The Merry Cuss Homebrew Club is the best homebrew club in southwest Georgia.

Top-down Brew has free, open-source calculators for homebrewing.

An appreciation of Jimmy Carter, who helped to legalize homebrewing.