PSPP for Beginners

Obtaining PSPP

PSPP can be downloaded for free from the Free Software Foundation. The official web site is GNU PSPP. The Obtaining GNU PSPP page has links to the download locations. Before downloading, it's worthwhile to browse the official site and learn more about PSPP.

Which version do I need?

Most beginning statisticians will want the "binary" version. This is the compiled program that is ready to be installed. The binary software is variously called a package (Linux), installer (Windows), or bundle (Mac). Choose the version that is appropriate for your computer's operating system.

Another choice is between the stable or development versions. The stable version (1.x or higher) is an older program that has been thoroughly tested and proven. This would be the best choice for beginners. The development version may offer more features, but the downside is that this software might be more unstable.

Windows users have a choice between 32 and 64 bit versions (see The 64 bit version is for newer computers and may offer better performance. People who are uncertain about their system capabilities can run the 32 bit version, which should run well on either older or newer computers.

You may see references to the source code. This is the computer programming instructions that is used to create the software. The source code is only useful to computer programmers. It is best to avoid this version unless you are an advanced statistician with a computer programming background.


Download the installation software to your computer. Follow the installation steps when prompted. You may need to have administrative privileges on some machines to install software.

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